1st February 2018

Putting Favourite Foods Back on the Menu - Catering for Dysphagia

Hadrian Healthcare Group executive chef Oliver Smith leads the catering teams based at each of the group's care homes. Oliver is also head chef at the group's Wetherby Manor care home and meets residents every day. Here he talks about Hadrian Healthcare's approach to preparing nutritious, tasty and attractive food for residents with dysphagia, a condition of the swallowing system.

At Hadrian Healthcare we believe that all residents, no matter what their capacity or condition, should have the right to eat tasty and beautiful food. The old fashioned image of care catering as bowls of pureed dinners, thrown together and blended, has cursed our industry and given both the public and chefs the wrong idea about the skill, knowledge and creativity required to produce great food for all care home residents.

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