17th September 2012

Whickham Manor House Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

Richard Stunt celebrated his 100th birthday with a very special party at The Manor House, Whickham where he now lives, on 17 September. 

Mr Stunt was born in north west London and married Doris, who he met at school, in 1939. As a boy he loved gymnastics. He was a captain in the army during the second world war. After the war he was a green grocer and bought and sold property as a sideline. He has been around the world five times and collected police badges from the places he visited. He was also a keen water colour painter.

Richard has three grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. His son and daughter-in-law, John and Ruth, live in Rowlands Gill.

Mr Stunt said: “I don’t feel any different or any older. I enjoy my cigar and a tipple and all the staff have wished me happy birthday.”

Liz Dixon, manager of The Manor House said: “Richard is an absolute pleasure to have living in The Manor House, he gives us a lot of laughs and fun and we are very proud and honoured to be part of his life and part of the celebrations for his 100th birthday.”

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