Blaydon Race Big Wish Comes True for Mary

Mary Armstrong, a resident at The Manor House Whickham, was the first to cross the finish line for the 2018 Blaydon Race held on 9 June.

"Mary, who celebrated her 100th birthday in October, loves to sing the Blaydon Races song," explained Krysta Bruynson, lifestyle coordinator at The Manor House.

"So as part of our 'Big Wish' programme for residents we asked if she would like to watch the race this year. I contacted the organisers and they arranged everything, going way above and beyond to make it a really good day for Mary."

On the day Mary met the Mayor of Gateshead, Councillor Jill Green and was presented with a Blaydon Race t-shirt, a bottle of Blaydon Race ale and a huge bouquet of flowers.

As the race started at 3pm Mary crossed the finish line at the end, so she was the first over the line. The 'Blaydon Races' song was played for her and she was mentioned on the radio, and many people stopped to ask for photos.

At the event Mary said: "I want to thank everyone for everything, thanks for being a joyful crowd.”
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