‘Three Wishes’ Takes Off at The Manor House Gosforth

Each resident at The Manor House Gosforth is taking part in some very special activities thanks to the home’s Three Wishes programme.

“If there’s anything our residents have always wished they could do, we’re trying our best to make sure they can,” explained Richard Dobinson, lifestyle coordinator at The Manor House.

“For example, if a resident has always wanted to travel to a distant country we will bring the country to them by inviting in special guests from that country to talk about the lifestyle there and share photos and videos, songs and stories. One of our residents really wanted to visit her former workplace so we got in touch, and the company kindly arranged a special ‘behind the scenes’ tour so she could see how things have changed.”

The Flight Sim Centre in Newcastle also made a wish come true for resident Barbara Field. Barbara had always wanted to fly a plane and she was able to have that experience in the full size cockpit of a Boeing 737 simulator.

Barbara said: “I thought nerves would have got the better of me but I felt so relaxed and loved every minute of it. Amanda the flight coordinator was brilliant, and I enjoyed my flight from JFK airport touring the state of New York and passing over the Hudson River.”

Richard continued: “Three Wishes is part of the individualised care we provide for each resident aiming to enhance their wellbeing and independence.”
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