6th November 2014

Queenie Celebrates 102nd Birthday at The Manor House

 Four generations came together to celebrate Mrs Queenie Armstrong’s 102nd birthday in style at The Manor House Whickham on 4 November.

Queenie was born in Blaydon. Her husband Jack, who passed away 20 years ago, served in the Navy for 22 years and they lived in Portsmouth and Scotland. Queenie moved into The Manor House this summer.

At her birthday party she was joined by her daughters in law, granddaughter and great grandson.  She said: “Life is about enjoying yourself, you have to have a laugh. I’ve always loved to sing and still do. I now also have a brandy in my coffee every morning with my breakfast.”

Liz Dixon, manager at The Manor House said: “Queenie is a lovely lady who tells a very good story! We are proud to be part of her life and part of the celebrations for this wonderful birthday.”

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