Complete care


Our Care Teams deliver a very special and unique standard of individualised, holistic care and support. We work closely with Residents and their families, together with appropriate health professionals, to ensure that each of our Residents receives the kind of care that is individual to them, and tailored to ensure that they get the very best out of living with us.

Living with us should be a ‘Home from Home’ experience, whether you’re seeking to move in, stay for a while, or just need a little help for a short time. We are dedicated to your personal needs in an environment which is friendly, relaxed, and happy.


We are committed to ensuring that every one of our Residents is provided with the highest level of compassionate and quality care.

Each of our Residents enjoys luxurious private accommodation within small living groups specifically designed for them to maintain their independence, whilst having the comfort of knowing that 24-hour care is available and at hand whenever it is needed.


We recognise the special needs of our Residents living with dementia and other memory impairments and our staff are specially trained to help manage the unique needs of our Residents.

Our specialist ‘Chesters’ accommodation has been specifically designed to provide luxurious surroundings that are homely, safe, and stimulating, where Residents can meet up and have a chat or reminisce in delightful secluded garden areas where they can enjoy the peace and tranquillity that nature provides.


For those people who maybe just need a little extra help for a while, or perhaps are convalescing after hospital, staying with us is just what you need.

Alternatively, you may be uncertain about moving into our Home permanently so, having the opportunity to enjoy some respite care with us would be an ideal opportunity to experience living with us, and enjoy the level of independence you would maintain, as well as making new friends. We also offer Respite Care within our specialist Chesters accommodation.